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Project International Pride’s most recent activity was the official Book Launch of two trilingual (English, Slovak, and formal Slovak Roma) multicultural children’s books. Dr. Bibiána Hlebová (Special Education) and Dr. Stanislav Cina (Roma Language) from the University of Prešov (UNIPO) in Slovakia, and Dr. Susan Barfield, post-retirement Professor at Montana State University Billings in the USA, introduced their books and teachers’ manual for International Roma Day on April 8th in Prešov, Slovakia.   With support from the University of Prešov, U.S. Embassy in Slovakia, U.S. Fulbright Commission, and the Slovak Academic Information Agency, the books are being distributed to Slovak classrooms and children’s libraries to encourage international cultural understanding and tolerance. A Teachers’ Workshop was given at the University of Prešov July 6-9, 2015, where Slovak teachers received copies of the books and learned strategies for how to use the books in their classrooms. In September 2015 another workshop for Fulbright English Teaching Assistants was presented in the Czech Republic as well as at the Slovak Chamber of English Teachers’ (SKA) Conference.

The story is based on a Roma folktale, written in formal Slovak Roma, Slovak, and English and illustrated by Roma students. “Children of the Sun” tells the story of a young Roma boy, Lavutaris, who is sent by the Roma people to find the Sun, who has forsaken them in the winter.   Lavutaris meets several characters along the journey, and when he and the Sun finally meet, the Sun gives him a special gift for the Roma people.

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 Children of the Sun – eBooks, narrated in English, Slovak and Romani by the native speaking authors available on PowerPoint

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